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My name is Leon
Author: Waal, Kit de
Publication year: 2017
Classification: F
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780241973387
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Hardback:My name is Leon:2016
Large print:My name is Leon:2017
Available: 4
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Told from a 9 year olds perspective the author captures him beautifully, how he tries to make sense of an adult world through a child's eyes. Leon is a mixed race boy whose mum struggles to cope, made worse by post natal depression when her second baby is born. Leon tries to look after them both, learns how to feed and change Jake, how to get him to sleep, shouldering more responsibility than a 9 year old should. Inevitably they are taken into care, fostered by the lovely Maureen. However, Jake is a white baby and is adopted by a "forever family", but no one wants to adopt a 9 year old mixed race boy, that is the sad reality.He loves both his mum and Jake desperately and concocts a far fetched plan to reunite them again. Leon is an appealing never forgotten character, you can't help but love him and root for him all the time. This is a must read of brotherly love, heart wrenching, believable, poignant & full of emotion.
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