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Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Author: Honeyman, Gail
Publication year: 2017
Classification: F
Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers
ISBN: 9780008172114
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Large print:Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine:2018
Paperback:Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine:2018
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Eleanor Oliphant isn't fine at all. She lives a lonely existence, no friends, bound by her routines, the same lunch every day, the same clothes to work, two bottles of vodka to get her through the weekend. She has no social skills because she has never been taught any, and no "filter" to stop her saying the wrong thing. She is an oddball & a misfit. Then 3 things happen, she develops a crush on a musician singer, Raymond the IT guy at work has to fix her computer and they both happen to help a stranger who has collapsed on the street. So begins her transformation to facilitate a meeting with the musician. Slowly information is filters down about her past and we get to known her, it is truly appalling what she has endured but she doesn't feel sorry for herself. Raymond becomes a true "Pal" something she can't quite believe. Compassionate, moving, & I'm so pleased the ending had some hope for her future, a must read.
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