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This is going to hurt : Secret diaries of a junior doctor
Author: Kay, Adam
Publication year: 2017
Classification: 610.92
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 9781509858613
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Paperback:This is going to hurt, Secret diaries of a junior doctor:2018
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Hilariously laugh out loud funny but underlying it all is the stark reality of the stress & strain of working as a Dr in the NHS. Ultimately this Dr reconsidered his future following a catastrophic event whilst on duty on a particular day. The lack of support, the working conditions, Is it any wonder my local trust has problems recruiting. As part of the introduction AK advises "unlike a junior doctor I won't just drop you in at the deep end or expect you to know exactly what you are doing". Read his letter to Sec of state and note at the end of acknowledgements and thank you's "with no thanks whatsoever ever to Jeremy Hunt" And finally, page 262, "But promise me this: next time the government takes its pickaxe to the NHS .......Remember they do an absolutely impossible job, to the very best of their ability......" my utmost respect to every single one of them. 9* for the hilarity and anecdotes and a further one for being just amazing, a must read for everyone.
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